Stop Doing This To Yourself!

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Hey Rebels!

You're walking down the hall at the office and you pass a very important person. Said important person walks right on by without acknowledging you. Your stomach falls. You feel nervous. Your mind spins.

"I think she hates me... or worse, she doesn't even know who I am... I'm not valued... or appreciated... I'm a complete fraud... I'll be first in line during the next round of layoffs... Then I'll lose my house... My friends will walk away... I'll be destitute and alone."

Do you play some version of this fiction over and over in your head?

If you let completely made up stories suck your energy and ruin your day, then our webinar, The Corporate Rebel Truthfully U is for YOU.

We'll be live on Monday, October 7 at noon Central Time. Join us here. (If you can't attend live, no worries. We'll send a recording to all subscribers.)

It's worth the 60 minutes if you...

  • Can’t keep negative thoughts out of your brain, even when you want to think positively.
  • Compare yourself to others and come up short.
  • Search for hidden meaning behind interactions.
  • Spin and lie awake at night analyzing situations leaving you muddled and tired. Your friends are seriously tired of talking about it.

In 60 minutes you will...

  • Distinguish the Facts of a situation from the Fiction.
  • Clear the clutter in your brain so you feel calm, energetic, and confident.
  • Dive under the emotion and confusion so you can make clearer and faster decisions.
  • Take action based on what’s actually true, rather than what you think is true, which will lead to better results.

Join us here. We can't wait to see you!

Christina and Anne

P.S. Invite your friends! Their minds are full of fictions, too, and some of them may be about you. :-) They can join here.


The Lies You Believe And The Truth Behind Them

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Hello Rebels!

One of my clients (let's call her Stacy) called me dreading her mid-term review. She hated the fact that her VP didn't understand her department's role and even worse, he didn't seem to care. She felt like she spent her precious one-on-one time justifying her work, explaining why it mattered, and trying to convince him to care. She didn't know what he wanted and found their conversations frustrating and discouraging.

Does this sound familiar in your corporate job?

Stacy and I talked about the one thing she could control - herself. She believed a number of lies, and those lies were holding her back. We uncovered the truth and prepped her to step powerfully into her review.

Try these on:

The lie: She has to justify herself and her team's work.

The truth: You have nothing to justify. You get to have your passions, and your passion is not diminished if your boss doesn't share your level of excitement. Your job is to share your excitement and help your boss come along.

The lie: She needs her boss's validation for her leadership to be worthy and her team's work to be valuable.

The truth: Your success as a leader does not come from your boss's validation. It comes from how you show up, the way you manage your team, and the way you hold yourself as a powerful leader. Going in apologetic or pleading is not empowering. Instead, know your value and tell the story of your team's success.

The lie: That her boss doesn't care.

The truth: Your boss cares a great deal. He/She may care about different things than you do. As a direct report, your job is to figure out what keeps your boss up at night and how your work fits into the big picture your boss has to manage.

The lie: There's nothing she can do.

The truth: You always have more influence than you think you do. Stacy wanted to know what her boss needed from her so instead of guessing, she asked him. He told her what he needed, and she emailed me to say, "It was a great conversation. THANK YOU!!!!!"

Stacy moved from being her own worst enemy (believing in her lack of power, apologizing and justifying herself) to being her own best friend. She walked into her review powerful and in charge. That changed everything.

If you want a dose of this kind of power, join me and my BFF for our Corporate Rebel Rethinking U Webinar on August 20th at 11:00 am CT. You can register here.

Can't wait to see you on the inside!


P.S. Did you love the Quiet the Noise Challenge? Do you have friends who could use a little dose of positivity and hope in their corporate job? Invite them to join you for the Rethinking U Webinar on August 20 at 11:00 am CT. Send them here. You'll be glad you spent the hour with us.


This newsletter is embarrassing.

Estimated read/view time: 2.5 minutes. (There are videos in this newsletter. You need to watch, like, 4 seconds of each video to get the point.)

This is what TRYING to do the right thing looks like. Horrible!

This is what TRYING to do the right thing looks like. Horrible!

As most of you know, I hosted an interview series this summer. In fact, those of you who have followed me for a while know that the interview series dominated my life for months.

I learned a number of valuable lessons, and today I want to peel back the curtain to share the most valuable lesson with you.

Which brings us to show and tell. Some embarrassing show and tell.

The hardest, most vulnerable, most painful part of producing this series was the #$!#!& opt-in video. That’s the little video that appears on the sign-up page.

This was the first time I had created a video, let alone one that was going to be public! I had all kinds of advice from my coach. I had prepped like crazy – wrote a script, set up a “studio,” practiced, planned my outfit, did my hair, and did around 50 takes.

You know the drill. You probably do some version of this ritual every day for meetings, presentations, and clients.

Within minutes of the video going live, I got feedback from my friend Anne that my video sucked. (Love ya, Anne!)

After a momentary freak out, Anne came over to help me reshoot the video. I threw on my favorite dress, ran my fingers through my hair (that I hadn't washed), and stood against a wall in our bedroom with no script. Anne and I danced around like crazy people for a moment, then we shot the video which is the one most of you saw. We did 3 takes.

The point is this. You are compelling as you. Being you doesn't take effort or stress or trying. Of course you need to prep and maybe do a little planning. Then you simply need to show up with your wonderful self, quirks and all.

Here's a challenge: Stop TRYING to DO the corporate thing right this week. Stop listening to the stories that say you have to be a certain way in order to be successful at work. Instead, BE yourself.

I hope this helps.


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Who you are being matters!

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Pets and kids get this concept without trying.

Pets and kids get this concept without trying.

Like you, I have a lot to do this week - a long list of tasks, mundane and challenging. A few minutes ago, I was walking out the door laden with my laptop, anxious to start knocking items off my to-do list at the local coffee shop.

Right as I was about to leave, I stopped and remembered the words of my mentor. She said, "Trust that who you are is enough. Do your prep work and trust who you are being in the world." I put down my laptop and spent the next 20 minutes meditating.

The point here is simple. What you do is only part of the story. Who you are is just as important.

Here's an example:

One of my clients leads a large team. She is responsible for day-to-day management activities and projects that affect thousands of end-users. At her core, she is deeply empathetic. When she gets anxious about the things that need to be done, she has a harder time moving forward. When she taps into her deep well of compassion for herself and her team, the work gets done smoothly.

See how that works?

In the midst of all of your doing, remember who you are being is important, too. Have you heard the phrase, "you are a human being, not a human doing?"

Spend some time this week paying attention to who you are being. And my calm and centered self just easily completed one thing on my to-do list - this newsletter!

In love,


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