Here is what others say about Christina:


I came to Christina because I wanted to be more in charge of my life and choices. I was dissatisfied with my job and feeling like I had to mold myself to fit in. I now see clearly what it feels like to be in my groove. I let go of other’s perceptions of success and now follow my own internal compass. I hope Christina knows how much she has changed my life. The work we have done together is the force that has really affected things in the past 2 years. It has been more transformational than therapy. I feel more like myself in a great way.

— RH, IT Manager, Mother of 1, Jewelry Designer, Artist

With Christina, I quelled the self-critical energy that was burning me out and standing in the way of my potential and ability to serve my team. Now, people notice that I am available, aware and approachable. I discovered my creativity, enhanced relationships with family, friends and coworkers, and changed my personal as well as professional life in profound ways.

— MS, IT Manager, Newlywed, Home Improvement Nut

Christina’s combination of skill, empathy, and corporate experience is an important asset that helped me develop a more mature sense of my strengths as a leader. My capacity for self-reflection has grown. My capacity for handling difficult situations at work is improved. I am more present and "real" for my friends, family, and colleagues. I cultivated relationships with people at work that resulted in a promotion to a national leadership role in a high-profile, growth business for my company. What's the icing on the cake? I'm making more money, too.

— JM, Vice President, Fortune 500 Company, Devoted Husband & Father to 3 Boys, Sucker for Romantic Costume Dramas

Christina taught me to embrace my leadership. Now my decisions are intentional and less tentative. I learned to take action, slow down, focus, prioritize my activities to align with my goals, give myself credit, and take time to plan and reflect each day. She also recognized when I needed to be challenged and gave honest feedback. My coaching with Christina was definitely a worthy investment of time and money.

— CP, IT Strategist, Mother of 2, Community Leader & Dancing Yogi

Thanks to Christina, I was inspired to move away from what was the easy and 'comfortable' situation. Change is scary for me, and I don't do it easily. I followed what my heart told me, deciding that being unhappy was not fulfilling. Now, I’ll be challenged, have flexible working situations, and great working teams. It is possible to find the way by believing it can be so. I feel more relaxed and happy than I have been for ages. Thank you, Christina!

— LM, Project Manager, Empty Nester, Learning to Follow Her Heart

When I came to coaching, I wanted to be kicked in the butt. I needed to think about my future and get clear about what I wanted in my professional and personal life. Working with Christina has had a lifelong impact. I could not feel this confident without the work we did together. It changed my way of thinking about important things and honestly, changed everything and made me look at every day differently.

— SD, Development Director, Mother of 2, World Traveler

Christina is a powerful and engaging speaker. She mixes her front-of-the-room commentary with individual and small-group work to create a dynamic environment for self-discovery. Would I recommend Christina Boyd-Smith? HELL YES!

— KF, Director of Marketing Communications, Seeker and Sometimes Finder