Stop Doing This To Yourself!

Time to read: less than one minute


Hey Rebels!

You're walking down the hall at the office and you pass a very important person. Said important person walks right on by without acknowledging you. Your stomach falls. You feel nervous. Your mind spins.

"I think she hates me... or worse, she doesn't even know who I am... I'm not valued... or appreciated... I'm a complete fraud... I'll be first in line during the next round of layoffs... Then I'll lose my house... My friends will walk away... I'll be destitute and alone."

Do you play some version of this fiction over and over in your head?

If you let completely made up stories suck your energy and ruin your day, then our webinar, The Corporate Rebel Truthfully U is for YOU.

We'll be live on Monday, October 7 at noon Central Time. Join us here. (If you can't attend live, no worries. We'll send a recording to all subscribers.)

It's worth the 60 minutes if you...

  • Can’t keep negative thoughts out of your brain, even when you want to think positively.
  • Compare yourself to others and come up short.
  • Search for hidden meaning behind interactions.
  • Spin and lie awake at night analyzing situations leaving you muddled and tired. Your friends are seriously tired of talking about it.

In 60 minutes you will...

  • Distinguish the Facts of a situation from the Fiction.
  • Clear the clutter in your brain so you feel calm, energetic, and confident.
  • Dive under the emotion and confusion so you can make clearer and faster decisions.
  • Take action based on what’s actually true, rather than what you think is true, which will lead to better results.

Join us here. We can't wait to see you!

Christina and Anne

P.S. Invite your friends! Their minds are full of fictions, too, and some of them may be about you. :-) They can join here.