Meet the champion of corporate rebels.

“I know the challenge that the tug of a greater purpose can have. I lived it. We are creative and yet hold back. Have larger ideas and yet live them smaller. We are confident and yet unsure.”

— Christina Boyd-Smith, PhD, CPCC

My path to coaching took me through HR and Global Compliance in a Fortune 500 company. But the job title doesn’t get at the inner path towards a bigger calling. We all—myself included—need guidance and vision to unlock our unique path to follow that calling.

My program helps corporate rebels and rebels of all kinds to quiet negative voices, to heal the exhaustion of inauthentic life and work, to get in touch with their deep purpose to bring their vision to life. The process is a unique combination of contrasts: insight and fun, intensity and contemplation, adventure and stability, wide vision and focused purpose. It’s designed to allow clients to feel completely free to be themselves in order to deepen their self-understanding and move forward toward what they want, quirks and all.