Who are your people?

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The movers put my sense of humor in here somewhere. Do you see it?

The movers put my sense of humor in here somewhere. Do you see it?

I've been thinking of you all week.

My family and I moved on Monday into our "being renovated" 100-year-old house. There are boundless lessons in the dust, the pile of furniture, and the fact that we have no working toilet. Don't ask.

Gratitude got me through a complete panic on Monday night. Letting go will help me live in the chaos that will be our lives for a few months. Then there's the no toilet thing. Oh, the lessons that are here for you.

There's one lesson, though, that kept coming back all week.

Throughout this entire transition, our people have shown up to bring food, help with cleaning, take our children, and offer moral support. When one of the movers handed me a sandwich, I almost cried. When our painters said they could come on Tuesday, I did cry. I've gotten some great ideas for kindness and generosity from our people.

Who are your people? The ones who will drop everything to clean walls. The ones who will give you late-night feedback on an important presentation. The ones who will walk around the block with you when you are angry or disappointed or sad. The ones who will offer you a sandwich in the moment you share together.

Your world is full, and it can be easy to head straight for your computer in the morning. Instead, find a moment or two each day to nurture your people, to show them some love, even the people you will only know for a few days or a few minutes.

We are not meant to do this life thing alone. And you never know when you might need to use their toilet.

With so much gratitude and love this week.


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