Be the light in the darkness. I dare you!

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Let your light explode! Or shimmer! Or twinkle!

Let your light explode! Or shimmer! Or twinkle!

I was at a meeting this morning and before we began, one of the committee members (who is aptly named, Joy) asked each of us to reflect on where we find joy and light in the darkness. After each of us shared touching details from our lives, Joy said,

"It is a defiant act to be the light in the darkness."

If you watch international news or live in the North, you know that there is plenty of darkness to go around right now - literally and figuritvely. People have told me they feel guilty for wrapping gifts or making plans for holiday travel. They feel guilty for experiencing joy when there is so much darkness.

We need joy now more than ever. Being joyful is a radical act. Being joyful isn't about being complacent or blind. Joy is about harnessing the power of love, spirit, and fun to serve yourself and those around you.

We need your unique light. How will you bring your defiant light to your work and home?

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Laugh early and often.
  • Take a treat to the office (baking is my personal favorite).
  • Tell someone how much you appreciate them.
  • Watch a funny movie. (Elf, anyone?)
  • Give yourself full permission to enjoy the holidays (or not, if that suits you).
  • Be inspired by the beauty in nature.

Choose one way you can add your light to the darkness. What will you do? I'll be baking, delivering treats to neighbors, and road-tripping with my family.

Email me at and tell me all about your joy. I love to hear from you!

Stay warm!


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