10 Ways to Increase Your Visibility at the Office

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When you make yourself visible, you stand out.

When you make yourself visible, you stand out.

I hear from many of you that you wish you were more visible, that more people would see and appreciate your work. For a few of you, you tell me you wish even one person valued your work.

When you feel undervalued or unappreciated, take a look at whether you are truly allowing yourself to be seen.

When I first decided to call my business The Corporate Rebel, I could hardly choke out those words for fear that my corporate clients would never let me in their buildings again. One morning, a colleague of mine and I were presenting about managing conflict to a room full of people when someone asked about our businesses. I said something bland about being a "leadership coach" when my friend grabbed the mic and declared, "She's the Corporate Rebel Coach. Isn't that awesome?!" I couldn't believe she said it out loud. I wanted to disappear.

Take a look at your situation. Where are you hiding? Playing safe? Holding back from saying what you really think or believe? What are you keeping your accomplishments to yourself because "it's not polite to brag?"

Then consider how much more satisfying it might be to allow yourself to be seen. If you want your management and colleagues to see and value your work, choose these things:

Take risks.

Show up.

Take a stand for what you believe and what's important to you.

Feel vulnerable, doubtful, unsafe, and uncomfortable.

Make mistakes - maybe really big ones (see #1).

Listen deeply to feedback. Learn. Grow.

Spend time with people who hold a big vision for you, maybe even a bigger vision than you hold for yourself.

Build trust that you can handle whatever happens. Even the mistakes. Even the wild successes.

Be accountable and responsible for your actions and words.

Clean up your messes. Recover and keep going.

Last night, I presented to a group of Executive MBA candidates at a prestigious business school. The first slide declared boldly, "The Corporate Rebel." I can attest to the fact that it is more fulfilling to be seen.

If you feel undervalued, afraid to been seen as you really are, or wish you were more visible to your management, I'd love to talk. Email me at christina@boydsmithcoaching.com to schedule a chat.

I hope this is helpful!



P.S. When you choose visibility, you'll make mistakes. Last week, I used the phrase, “rebel flag” in the subject line of this newsletter. Two friends generously pointed out the reference to the Confederate battle flag, a symbol that to many represents white supremacy. I stand for racial justice and apologize for referencing something that stands so counter to my values and may have puzzled or hurt some of you.

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