From Discouraged to National Stage

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The National Stage Theater in Bergen, Norway

The National Stage Theater in Bergen, Norway

Hello Rebels!

One of my clients* came to me discouraged and ready to throw in the towel on her multi-year career. She had a strained relationship with her boss and felt like it was impossible to create forward movement on her projects. (*All client stories are told with permission.)

In coaching, sometimes things feel better and sometimes worse. We looked for the things that were most important to her and where her work stifled her gifts. We uncovered that she had collapsed her values of community and service with an imperative to sacrifice herself for the cause. We focused on the strategies and tactics that would change her situation and the beliefs and choices that held her back.

Fast forward in our coaching, and she started job hunting (tactics and strategies). We uncovered the thing that was most important to her in her career (choices). We focused on her drive to please others and put their needs ahead of her own (beliefs). We worked through a courageous decision to change jobs and take a pay cut (beliefs and tactics).

This multi-pronged approach resulted in a job where she led a massive public project around the topic she values most. The project received a lot of attention, not all of it pretty or easy. She is now being sought out by other organizations and cities to share her expertise. She is consulting. She is speaking nationally and contributing to the issue she cares most about. Her career has exploded. She's on the path of her purpose and leaving a lasting legacy.

What's the message here? Strategies and tactics are important and will only get you so far. You also have to look for the things you value most and replace the beliefs, choices and patterns that hold you back with expansive ones that propel you forward.

I hope this helps!


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