What's your excuse?

It's a scorcher! Spend one minute or less reading this in your air conditioning!

From my 12-year-old to you.

From my 12-year-old to you.

My 12-year-old daughter is the keeper of my screen savers. She surprises me regularly with inspirational quotes interspersed with photos of Taylor Swift. (Equally inspirational, I assure you.)

The quote above is what I found on my screen last week, and it got me thinking about you.

The world has been intense lately. If you live in Minnesota, you have a front row seat on the protests and the conversation about racial justice. If you watch the news, you've heard about what's happening in Turkey, Baton Rogue, Dallas, and the conventions. At our house, we have no shower, no kitchen, and all our belongings are in boxes. We are covered in dust and living in 100-degree weather.

This is what my office looks like today. The state of my office (no files, no desk, no chair) present me with the perfect excuse to not take calls, not write newsletters, not show up.

All of these things make great excuses to stop. And yet, you still have to go to work, move forward on the things you care about, feed your family, and show up every day.

What's the excuse that is currently holding you back? Here are some popular options:

  • my voice doesn't matter
  • my house is a wreck
  • too busy
  • too tired
  • out of town
  • it's all too complicated; I don't know what to do

Per my daughter's quote, you only have to be a bit stronger than your strongest excuse. Take a good look at the excuses you're telling yourself and find the way to be stronger.

I've said this before. No matter what the context, whether you are the leader of a corporate team, your family or a social movement, YOU are needed.

No excuses.

In love,


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