This Is What Easy Looks Like!

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Hello rebels,

A client of mine is looking for work and has decided to use this opportunity to craft his career in his area of passion and life purpose. It feels risky and exciting and scary and wonderful all at once.

He was recently accepted into and attended an exclusive international training program in his area of passion. This training included luminaries in his field, people with gobs of experience, amazing possibility for connection, and the potential for tapping into the unpublished job market. He was simultaneously excited and terrified.

For the event, we set some tactical goals: 1. to get a photo with the biggest star at the conference; 2. come away with at least 5 new connections.

On our call this week, we reviewed his progress toward these goals. Photo with star - check! And the 5 connections... "well," he said, "the conference organizers sat us at tables according to our region so the 5 connections happened easily. I guess I didn't really do the assignment."

What?! Didn't do the assignment? He wanted 5 connections and got 5 connections. In fact, more than 5 connections fell into his lap easily. Something seemed wrong because he hadn't "worked" for the connections. He hadn't struggled.

And, this is how life and work happens when you are on the right track. This is how opportunities flow when you are following your purpose. Opportunities come easily. Connections happen naturally. The universe just seats you at a table with exactly the people you need to meet.

All that energy spent struggling and worrying about making the right connections at the conference? He got to use it to talk about the things he actually cares about and take the next steps toward what he wants.

What would it be like to let go of the struggle and achieve your goals this easily?

You can.

With rebel love,


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What's Your Plan for 2019?

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It's 2019. A new year. New possibilities. Now what?!

The truth is... I hate New Years. There's so much hype, and when I wake up on January 1st, it's the same life and the same me. You are likely at the same job as on Dec 31st. You feel much the same way about your life as you did before Christmas. You probably have to write a development plan for 2019 and would love to have something inspiring and new to write, but what? How?

Miraculous changes for the new year don't happen because the ball drops in Times Square. Growth happens because you choose it. You decide if 2019 will be the same old, same old or if you look back at 2019 as the year you took charge.

I'm a coach. (You know that, right?)

I have a couple of ideas for how you can chart a new course in 2019 to set yourself on the path to create what you want for your career and life. Both involve talking to me. And both are powerful stand-alone processes to analyze where you are, define where you want to go, and set a plan to get there. See what you think:

  1. The Year-End Evaluation: It's like a performance evaluation for 2018. We'll analyze what went well, what didn't and how you want to use all of that learning to set the direction for 2019. This process is for you if you already have a good sense of what you want, and you want to set powerful goals to get there.

  2. The Work and Life Strategic Plan: This is a deep inventory of all your professional and personal assets, your failures, your triumphs, what's important to you and where you are headed. This process is excellent if you are confused about what you want or uncertain about your next step. If you long for clarity and a plan forward, this process is for you!

It's been at least a year since I have opened my calendar beyond my private clients. To help you consider a new plan for 2019, I have opened a few spots in the next two weeks. Grab a spot here. We'll spend 30 minutes talking about the current state of your life and career, where you want to go, and what sort of support will help you get there - whether that's me, a DIY, or someone else.

If you want a new plan for the new year, let's talk. Don't settle for same-old, same-old. Make 2019 the year you put your work and life on your terms.

Choose a time to talk here.

(And if you need other times, please hit reply and email me. We'll find a time that works for you.)

Happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to connecting.

All the best!


P.S. Don't end up in March not knowing where you're headed this year. Put your career and life back on your terms with a plan... an actual plan... for 2019. Let's talk about how to do that. Choose a time here.

P.P.S. If one of your friends was complaining over her Winter Wonderland Martini that she has no plan for 2019, forward this email and have her choose a time. (Men friends are welcome, too!)

5 Ways to Be an Awesome Newbie!

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Now this is new: S'mores ice-cream cone with GLITTER!

Now this is new: S'mores ice-cream cone with GLITTER!

OMG. Has summer already ended? If you have kids starting school and even if you don't, can you feel that fall, back-to-school energy? Things feel more serious. Like we're all settling in and getting back to a routine.

My kids started a new school on Monday. They know no one and believe me, this Corporate Rebel Mama's heart has been very tender this week. We have lots of rebels starting new ventures like new jobs (hey Rick!) or living in new locations (shout out to you, Audrey!) or experimenting with new ways to do old jobs (Dean!).

There is newness in the air!

New possibilities.

A new start. (Even if you're in the same job, in the same company.)

A new year.

As we get to know the new community and routine at our new school, I'm noticing a few things that are helping me through these tender days. I share them with you as you embark on your new fall. Here are 5 ways to be new:

  1. Have a sense of adventure. Rather than focusing on all the things you don't have or can't do, lean into the adventure of a new job, project or school with all the fascination, wonder, and curiosity you would bring to an international vacation.
  2. Be humble. In our new school, I know very little about how things work. It's a steep learning curve and for a woman who is used to knowing everything that's going on, it's humbling to be at the beginning again. Stopping in humility every so often in your life is a very good thing. It's a great reset button to remind you to keep learning.
  3. Be open. Be open to new relationships and experiences. You have no idea where an opportunity or new friend is going to come from.
  4. Ask for help. Many times, you won't even have to ask. Help will just be available to you. In either case, be humble and take advantage of it.
  5. Stay in your discomfort zone. It's ok to be uncomfortable. In fact, it's marvelous to be uncomfortable. In the discomfort, you stretch. You learn new things about yourself. You discover new opportunities. And it will pass. Believe me, I'm uncomfortable a lot these days.

So, welcome to fall, beautiful rebels. Feels like it's going to be a smashing year!

With rebel love,


P.S. As part of doing lots of new things this fall, I am going to be interviewed on the What's NEXT webcast with Jason Lauritsen. He's interviewing leaders who bring innovation and positive disruption to the workplace - like me! The webcast is September 5 at 1:00 ET. It will be recorded if you can't make the event live. Join here and invite your friends. They are welcome to join, too!


Do You Dread Bad News?

My little bunnies many years ago.

My little bunnies many years ago.

When you apply for a new job, go for a promotion or put your hat into the ring for something you really, really, want, do you lie awake at night worrying, "What if I get bad news?"

I'm in this exact spot, and this week I realized there may be no such thing as bad news. Wouldn't that be awesome? Here's what I mean...

My daughter is heading to high school next year, and my son has decided to consider joining her at a new school. This means they have applied to a number of places, and we have waited MONTHS to find out if they are admitted. We find out this week. (I'm doing lots of yoga and meditation to stay calm as the minutes tick by.)

Yesterday a friend commented that she hopes we don't get the "bad letter." When I heard those words, something in me clicked and my nerves calmed the heck down.

There really is no possible "bad letter" that could arrive this week. They will either be admitted or they won't. You will either get the job or you won't. Those are the simple facts. It's the story that you make up about the facts that causes the late-night worrying. Try these on:

"If I don't get the promotion, it's because I'm not respected by senior management."

"If I don't get this job, it was my last chance and my career will stall, and I'll eventually be homeless."

"If my kids don't get into this school, then…. what?….Their lives are over? They are destined for a horrible high school experience? Their future is in jeopardy?"

Can you see how ridiculous this thinking is?

The arrival of supposed "bad" news, is simply the arrival of additional information. And with that information you make your next choice. Do you stay at the company or move on? Do you do something different in your job search or try again? Do you retool your skills so you are better qualified next time?

The fact of the matter is that things always turn out. Something always results, and you are always ready to handle whatever it is, even if it's painful. My children will go to high school. You will have opportunities if you want them. They are growing into amazing people. You are an amazing person. That's what matters.

So, you (and I) can let go of the fear of the "bad" letter and know that all you have to do is be ready to make your next move.

So simple.

With rebel love,


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