Time to read: 15 seconds. Take the extra minute you would have spent reading to pause
and celebrate something!


Hello Rebels!

It's my birthday week. Although you all will kindly and generously send me birthday wishes now that I've told you, trolling for birthday greetings isn't why I'm writing about it.

I'm writing about it because birthdays are an obvious reason to celebrate. When I worked in corporate, our department was small enough that we made homemade birthday cakes.

Birthdays are not the only reason to celebrate. In fact, there are thousands of reasons to celebrate and all of them deserve CAKE! Try these on:

  • It's Thursday! Thursday is the new Friday. Cake time!
  • You sent 100 emails today. You are a rock star of efficiency. Reward = cake.
  • You made a live phone call. Yay connection! More cake.
  • You have a staff meeting. Bring cake.
  • It's Monday morning. Celebrate the possibilities of the coming week. Cake for breakfast!
  • You got everyone off to school, fed the dog, and got yourself to the office relatively put together. Eat cake.

See how easy that is? What else can you celebrate?

Happy Everything!

Cake time!



Want more freedom, gratitude + badassery in your life?

Estimated read time: Maybe 1 little minute.

The word badassery is fun to say so let's say it as many times as we can. Badassery, badassery, badassery.

The word badassery is fun to say so let's say it as many times as we can. Badassery, badassery, badassery.

It's Thanksgiving in the USA tomorrow, and I am so, so grateful - for my family's health, for the love that surrounds us, and for all of you. I'll be giving thanks in a big way.

The whipped cream on the pecan pie was being invited to participate in my dear friend, Sandra's, interview series, Unleash Your Inner Badass. What she calls badassery (said it again!), we in Corporate Rebel Land call rebelicious.

Thanksgiving is not a traditional gift-giving holiday, and we don't do things the traditional way around here.

Too many people settle for mediocrity, become victims of their circumstances, and simply complain about the way things are. I don’t think that’s you, though. I think you are someone who sees the value of investing in yourself, training your mind, and taking responsibility for your life and the world around you.

That's why I said yes to Sandra (and because I just downright love her). I'm careful with your time and only put things of real value in front of you. Sandra has produced a series of interviews that are fun and meaningful.

These interviews are packed with info to help you:

  • let go of what’s holding you back;
  • be more unapologetically you;
  • build a new, more badass (rebelicious), reality for yourself.

If you're too busy eating and watching the National Dog Show to catch our entertaining and real interview on Thanksgiving, no worries. It will be available for 72 hours. And all the interviews will be available starting December 1 so you can gorge yourself like a Thanksgiving feast.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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