Time to read: 15 seconds. Take the extra minute you would have spent reading to pause
and celebrate something!


Hello Rebels!

It's my birthday week. Although you all will kindly and generously send me birthday wishes now that I've told you, trolling for birthday greetings isn't why I'm writing about it.

I'm writing about it because birthdays are an obvious reason to celebrate. When I worked in corporate, our department was small enough that we made homemade birthday cakes.

Birthdays are not the only reason to celebrate. In fact, there are thousands of reasons to celebrate and all of them deserve CAKE! Try these on:

  • It's Thursday! Thursday is the new Friday. Cake time!
  • You sent 100 emails today. You are a rock star of efficiency. Reward = cake.
  • You made a live phone call. Yay connection! More cake.
  • You have a staff meeting. Bring cake.
  • It's Monday morning. Celebrate the possibilities of the coming week. Cake for breakfast!
  • You got everyone off to school, fed the dog, and got yourself to the office relatively put together. Eat cake.

See how easy that is? What else can you celebrate?

Happy Everything!

Cake time!