Want to See Behind-the-Scenes of the C-Suite?

Time to watch:  34:19 minutes
Kathy Lundberg, MS
President of KMConsulting
Former Senior VP and Chief Compliance Officer for Guidant/Boston Scientific

If you knew Kathy Lundberg personally, you would know just how incredibly special this interview is. I say it over and over again. Kathy is the most generous and gracious professional I have ever worked for.

In this interview, she shares what it’s like to grow a career from biostatistician to a global Senior Vice President, and she shares her best advice on how to grow your career.

You’ll be surprised at what you hear when she pulls back the curtain on what it takes to work at the most senior levels of a major corporation. She busts a number of myths of the things you thought you knew about leadership, getting promoted, and finding opportunities. She gets honest about what derails leaders on their rise up the corporate ladder and uses the word “chill” more than once.

If you have aspirations to rise in your organization or you just wonder what it’s like at the senior leadership level of a big company, Kathy’s interview is for you.

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