Think You Can't Make a Living with Your Bizarre Skills and Interests? Julian Shows You How!

Time to watch: 32:16 minutes
Julian McFaul, Director and Founder of Adventures in Cardboard
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Julian McFaul is an unlikely guest on The Corporate Rebel Unplugged, and that’s EXACTLY why he’s here. He will prove to you that your bizarre passions and seemingly random jumble of skills will lead you to financial and professional success, whether you work in an office or you’re out on your own.

Julian doesn’t have a corporate bone in his body. He’s an actor (that’s way over simplifying his incredibly creative career) who has founded the most fun and inspirational summer camp Minneapolis/St. Paul has ever seen. The origin story of Adventures in Cardboard shows the power of intuition and passion and doing what you love.

In this interview, Julian takes a strong stand for play, illuminates where inspiration comes from, shares a formula for evaluating your complete skill set (even the weird parts), ignites your personal power, and shows you how to turn your passion into something that brings home the bacon.

If you’ve ever thought your idea was too bizarre to make money or you want to expand your thinking about creating joy in your job or if you just need a dose of light-hearted fun, Julian’s interview is for you.


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