Want to Drive Your Career from YOUR Values? Anne Lippin Shares How...

Anne Lippin, MD
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Thirteen years ago Anne Lippin faced the work/family decision point that many professionals face – do I continue to come home exhausted at 8:00 at night or do I prioritize my family? She made a clear and confident decision and then faced the big questions that come from letting go of a big piece of her identity (i.e. her profession).

In a culture that first asks, “What do you do?” Anne has crafted a happy collage of answers about what she does and encourages you to do the same regardless of what you do professionally. She talks about diving deeply into the water of the things that nourish you and using those things to craft a broad and interesting identity.

Anne speaks honestly about the trade-offs she made when she left formal work and brings the conversation to the cultural assumptions that shape the way parenting and care-giving are judged. She gives you practical tips including one that will make your next cocktail party conversation much more entertaining.

If you want full permission to craft a colorful and fulfilling self-identity or you want to learn how to lead your life from your values, tune into Anne’s interview.



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