Want to Leave a Lasting Legacy with Your Story? Amanda Shares How...

Amanda Johnson, Personal Brand Strategist and Messenger Guide for True to Intention
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Amanda Johnson is a storyteller and message strategist. Her mission in life is to help other people bring their stories to life to help others... and themselves. And she does it all as a busy mother, wife, friend, and business owner.

amanda-johnsonAmanda didn’t always know messaging and storytelling were her life’s work. A few years ago, people started asking her to edit their books or pulled her aside at corporate events to talk about the ideas and stories they were dreaming about sharing with the world.

Eventually, she launched a business to help people tell important stories and leave a legacy with a book, a powerful keynote, or even an experiential course, workshop, or retreat.

In this interview, Amanda talks about how to get unstuck, how to own the gift you have to share, and how to leave your lasting legacy.

If you have a dream to write a book or feel like you have an important story to share with the world, tune into Amanda's video above. She will inspire you to take action and give your story wings.



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