Ever Had a Doubt? Caitlin Gets Real.

Time to watch: 38:59 minutes
Caitlin Reilly, B.A.
Clown, International Performer, Kindergarten Assistant for the Minnesota Waldorf School
Check out Caitlin's comedy show, Schave & Reilly here

You’ve never met anyone with a resume like Caitlin Reilly. She’s had an incredibly creative, fulfilling, and fascinating global career. Caitlin and I laugh. A lot. We have known each other for years, and Caitlin is someone who inspires and makes people happy with her creativity, humor, and compassion.

Caitlin is a testament to the power of following your dream and crafting a life and career that lets your true gifts shine and serve in the world whether you followed a creative career or took a traditional route. The insights she shares in this interview are universal and spun with her energetic sense of humor.

She gets real about doubt and how it’s a signal to level up. She illuminates the courage it takes to say no to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in order to follow what’s truly important. She opens up about change and shares a show-stopping insight into the power and flexibility of dreams.

If you’ve ever wondered (even for a moment) if you should have been a photographer / dancer / actor / musician or you’ve ever had a doubt about your abilities or career choices, let Caitlin bring you joy and light.

You’re in good hands with this one.

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