Do You Wish For a Free Lunch? You Can Have It!



You've heard the adage, "there's no such thing as a free lunch," right?

IMHO this is a rather cynical perspective that there is an ulterior motive behind acts of generosity and kindness, especially from a corporation. I am happy to report that there actually is a free lunch, literally. And I'm going to help you find your free lunch, even if it doesn't come in the form of food.

I am coaching and doing team development for a company that actually offers free lunch. For all their employees. Like, you walk into their cafeteria and fill your plate with fresh salad, hot soup, entrees and soft serve ice cream. As much as you want, for FREE. I've never seen anything like it in all my corporate years!

Munching on some delicious chicken salad got me thinking about you.

Sometimes it's hard to see the free lunch that is right in front of you. I know. I know. Some of you are going to write to me and say that you pay for your "free lunch" with your time and talent. (I count on hearing from you!)

Of course, you do. That is the employment contract. You work. We pay you.

Consider this: You can choose to see the benefits of that contract through a lens of scarcity and cynicism (i.e. what you don't get, what you deserve and are not getting, how you are stuck) or you can see it from generosity and gratitude (i.e. how your life is easier, "I can't believe I get _____!" How you are always free to make a different choice.)

Here are some contenders for your free lunch. See if one of these is yours or sparks your gratitude cells:

  • You can visit the doctor whenever you want because you have health insurance. Even better if the company covers your family. (As someone who was self insured for many years, I can tell you the free lunch of insurance is pretty awesome.)
  • You have the flexibility to leave the office for appointments or your child's holiday pageant.
  • You get to work out during the day.
  • You get bonuses or spot awards or cool little gifts for years of service.
  • Paid professional development.
  • Affinity groups.
  • Great colleagues.
  • Collaboration.
  • Making a contribution in your industry.
  • Selling a product and/or service that brings people pleasure and/or changes lives.

Sometimes in the bustle and stress of working life, it's easy to stop seeing the generous and kind things that happen to you every day. What free lunch is right in front of you?

Have a great week!


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Want more freedom, gratitude + badassery in your life?

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The word badassery is fun to say so let's say it as many times as we can. Badassery, badassery, badassery.

The word badassery is fun to say so let's say it as many times as we can. Badassery, badassery, badassery.

It's Thanksgiving in the USA tomorrow, and I am so, so grateful - for my family's health, for the love that surrounds us, and for all of you. I'll be giving thanks in a big way.

The whipped cream on the pecan pie was being invited to participate in my dear friend, Sandra's, interview series, Unleash Your Inner Badass. What she calls badassery (said it again!), we in Corporate Rebel Land call rebelicious.

Thanksgiving is not a traditional gift-giving holiday, and we don't do things the traditional way around here.

Too many people settle for mediocrity, become victims of their circumstances, and simply complain about the way things are. I don’t think that’s you, though. I think you are someone who sees the value of investing in yourself, training your mind, and taking responsibility for your life and the world around you.

That's why I said yes to Sandra (and because I just downright love her). I'm careful with your time and only put things of real value in front of you. Sandra has produced a series of interviews that are fun and meaningful.

These interviews are packed with info to help you:

  • let go of what’s holding you back;
  • be more unapologetically you;
  • build a new, more badass (rebelicious), reality for yourself.

If you're too busy eating and watching the National Dog Show to catch our entertaining and real interview on Thanksgiving, no worries. It will be available for 72 hours. And all the interviews will be available starting December 1 so you can gorge yourself like a Thanksgiving feast.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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Who are your people?

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The movers put my sense of humor in here somewhere. Do you see it?

The movers put my sense of humor in here somewhere. Do you see it?

I've been thinking of you all week.

My family and I moved on Monday into our "being renovated" 100-year-old house. There are boundless lessons in the dust, the pile of furniture, and the fact that we have no working toilet. Don't ask.

Gratitude got me through a complete panic on Monday night. Letting go will help me live in the chaos that will be our lives for a few months. Then there's the no toilet thing. Oh, the lessons that are here for you.

There's one lesson, though, that kept coming back all week.

Throughout this entire transition, our people have shown up to bring food, help with cleaning, take our children, and offer moral support. When one of the movers handed me a sandwich, I almost cried. When our painters said they could come on Tuesday, I did cry. I've gotten some great ideas for kindness and generosity from our people.

Who are your people? The ones who will drop everything to clean walls. The ones who will give you late-night feedback on an important presentation. The ones who will walk around the block with you when you are angry or disappointed or sad. The ones who will offer you a sandwich in the moment you share together.

Your world is full, and it can be easy to head straight for your computer in the morning. Instead, find a moment or two each day to nurture your people, to show them some love, even the people you will only know for a few days or a few minutes.

We are not meant to do this life thing alone. And you never know when you might need to use their toilet.

With so much gratitude and love this week.


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