Want to Drive Your Career from YOUR Values? Anne Lippin Shares How...

Anne Lippin, MD
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Thirteen years ago Anne Lippin faced the work/family decision point that many professionals face – do I continue to come home exhausted at 8:00 at night or do I prioritize my family? She made a clear and confident decision and then faced the big questions that come from letting go of a big piece of her identity (i.e. her profession).

In a culture that first asks, “What do you do?” Anne has crafted a happy collage of answers about what she does and encourages you to do the same regardless of what you do professionally. She talks about diving deeply into the water of the things that nourish you and using those things to craft a broad and interesting identity.

Anne speaks honestly about the trade-offs she made when she left formal work and brings the conversation to the cultural assumptions that shape the way parenting and care-giving are judged. She gives you practical tips including one that will make your next cocktail party conversation much more entertaining.

If you want full permission to craft a colorful and fulfilling self-identity or you want to learn how to lead your life from your values, tune into Anne’s interview.



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Want More Joy In Your Work and Life? Here’s How...

Carol Bruess, PhD, Professor Emerita of Communication and Journalism, and former
Director of Family Studies, University of St. Thomas
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In a world of negativity and cynicism, Carol Bruess is a breath of fresh air. She is an expert on the communication patterns in relationships, and although she shares a couple of tips from her research, her stellar qualifications are not why she’s here.

(I’ll just slip in here that she’s been interviewed by Men’s Health, PBS, and Cosmopolitan Magazine and has published 5 books.)

She’s speaking to you Corporate Rebels because Carol just made an unusual and bold career move. She’s heard, “Are you CRAZY?” and “there must be another way,” more times than she can count. Despite all the naysayers and worriers around her, she’s happier and more confident than ever.

Carol unveils what it takes to be brave and how you have all the power to frame your experiences however you want to and to write your own rulebook. (In fact, you don’t have to listen to the people who tell you what’s possible or impossible or who want to define the “right” path to create your career.)

If you want permission to let joy create success in your work and life or you want to learn how to create your own reality the way you want it to be, Carol’s interview is for you!

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Worried That You Don’t Know What You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Time to watch: 32:13 minutes
Julie Fotos, Leadership and Team Development Coach

I really can’t love Julie enough. Julie is a fireball of energy and truth telling. Despite never being sure what she wanted to be when she grew up, she played with the big kids in advertising in Chicago and New York for 25 years, many of them running her own successful agency. She worked with celebrities, for goodness sakes.

After a painful and clarifying moment, Julie walked away from it all despite her own fears and hearing, “You’re crazy. Don’t ruin your life.” Julie recognized that despite her “cool” career, she had been unhappy for years. With faith that she could be happy and a whole lotta hutzpah, Julie forged a new career and a life she loves.

In this interview, Julie shows you how to listen to your own inner knowing, how to challenge the beliefs that hold you back (such as “I am too old…”), and how to create your own definition of success. She offers real wisdom and shares an actionable exercise to create clarity and a plan for your next step.

If you’ve ever felt unhappy in your career, if you don’t know where to start to make a change, or you just want a few hints on how to be happy in work and life, Julie’s your girl!

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Ever Had a Doubt? Caitlin Gets Real.

Time to watch: 38:59 minutes
Caitlin Reilly, B.A.
Clown, International Performer, Kindergarten Assistant for the Minnesota Waldorf School
Check out Caitlin's comedy show, Schave & Reilly here

You’ve never met anyone with a resume like Caitlin Reilly. She’s had an incredibly creative, fulfilling, and fascinating global career. Caitlin and I laugh. A lot. We have known each other for years, and Caitlin is someone who inspires and makes people happy with her creativity, humor, and compassion.

Caitlin is a testament to the power of following your dream and crafting a life and career that lets your true gifts shine and serve in the world whether you followed a creative career or took a traditional route. The insights she shares in this interview are universal and spun with her energetic sense of humor.

She gets real about doubt and how it’s a signal to level up. She illuminates the courage it takes to say no to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in order to follow what’s truly important. She opens up about change and shares a show-stopping insight into the power and flexibility of dreams.

If you’ve ever wondered (even for a moment) if you should have been a photographer / dancer / actor / musician or you’ve ever had a doubt about your abilities or career choices, let Caitlin bring you joy and light.

You’re in good hands with this one.

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Think You Have to Hide Your Weird Self In a Traditional Corporate Job? Check Out Anitra!

Time to watch: 32:27 minutes
Anitra Mattiussi, B Com
CPA for the Department of Education, Western Australia

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Anitra Mattiuissi is the poster child for Corporate Rebels. She’s as corporate as you get and dares to be herself at the same time. She’s a highly skilled CPA with a stellar career in corporate and government sectors. She’s currently responsible for a 2 billion dollar budget. And, she goes to work with rainbow colored hair.

Anitra takes risks and lives with no regrets. A few years ago, she had everything a professional could want – a great job, friends, a house, volunteer work – and simply because she sensed she wanted more, she sold everything and moved across Australia to start her life again. She says it was like jumping from a plane with no parachute. The result? She says, “I got it all.”

In this interview, Anitra shares surprising strategies for growing your leadership regardless of your official role, gets real about making changes, and lands some of the best advice I’ve heard in a long time for career development and living a full life.

If you want permission to trust yourself or you want to live with no regrets, Anitra’s interview will delight and surprise you.

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Liz Left Her Career and Came Back! You Can, Too!

Time to watch: 33:38 minutes
Liz Brine, Veterinary Dental Specialist

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I’m thrilled to introduce Liz Brine. Liz is perfect for The Corporate Rebel Unplugged, because she has an important story to tell about following your passion, honoring your values, and taking risks.

Liz shares her journey from professional burnout and physical pain to stay-at- home-mom to re-entering her career with a new perspective after 8 years. She is grounded and real and shares what it takes to avoid a meltdown and then re-ignite your career after a long break.

If you are teetering on the edge of burnout or you can see it from here or you are wondering how to get back into your career after a long absence, Liz’s interview is for you!

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Think You Can't Make a Living with Your Bizarre Skills and Interests? Julian Shows You How!

Time to watch: 32:16 minutes
Julian McFaul, Director and Founder of Adventures in Cardboard
Check out Adventures in Cardboard HERE 
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audio Block
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Julian McFaul is an unlikely guest on The Corporate Rebel Unplugged, and that’s EXACTLY why he’s here. He will prove to you that your bizarre passions and seemingly random jumble of skills will lead you to financial and professional success, whether you work in an office or you’re out on your own.

Julian doesn’t have a corporate bone in his body. He’s an actor (that’s way over simplifying his incredibly creative career) who has founded the most fun and inspirational summer camp Minneapolis/St. Paul has ever seen. The origin story of Adventures in Cardboard shows the power of intuition and passion and doing what you love.

In this interview, Julian takes a strong stand for play, illuminates where inspiration comes from, shares a formula for evaluating your complete skill set (even the weird parts), ignites your personal power, and shows you how to turn your passion into something that brings home the bacon.

If you’ve ever thought your idea was too bizarre to make money or you want to expand your thinking about creating joy in your job or if you just need a dose of light-hearted fun, Julian’s interview is for you.


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Want to See Behind-the-Scenes of the C-Suite?

Time to watch:  34:19 minutes
Kathy Lundberg, MS
President of KMConsulting
Former Senior VP and Chief Compliance Officer for Guidant/Boston Scientific

If you knew Kathy Lundberg personally, you would know just how incredibly special this interview is. I say it over and over again. Kathy is the most generous and gracious professional I have ever worked for.

In this interview, she shares what it’s like to grow a career from biostatistician to a global Senior Vice President, and she shares her best advice on how to grow your career.

You’ll be surprised at what you hear when she pulls back the curtain on what it takes to work at the most senior levels of a major corporation. She busts a number of myths of the things you thought you knew about leadership, getting promoted, and finding opportunities. She gets honest about what derails leaders on their rise up the corporate ladder and uses the word “chill” more than once.

If you have aspirations to rise in your organization or you just wonder what it’s like at the senior leadership level of a big company, Kathy’s interview is for you.

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Think It's Impossible to Change Careers Mid-Stream? Think Again.

Time to Watch: 44 minutes
George Huang, M.D.
Chief Freedom Officer, Freedompreneur Coaching & Consulting
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George Huangis one amazing man. He followed a high school dream to an elite career after years of expensive training. Fifteen years of education and practicing later, he walked away because in his words, "My dream became my nightmare." When you hear the story, you’ll know he’s not exaggerating.

His journey through hell is an incredible gift to all of you because he came out on the other side with an unlikely new career and buckets of wisdom to help you be happy, fulfilled, and have a heck of a lot of fun along the way.

He teaches you how to create opportunities and open doors you didn’t even know existed whether you work as an entrepreneur or in a corporate setting. If you’ve always felt that a career pivot is impossible or you are too old to do something new, George will inspire you.


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The “Eternal Yes” Shares Top-Notch Career Advice

Time to watch: 31.25 minutes
Michele Chin-Purcell, PhD
VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance
Nalu Medical, Inc.

I affectionately call Michele Chin-Purcell The Eternal Yes! for her willingness to live on the edge in her work and life in ways that has brought her promotions and a sense of purpose in her career. I know her to be someone who schedules crazy hat day for her staff, plays Taiko drums, and also leads important strategic initiatives for life-saving devices.

She bridges technical prowess with stellar management skills. She held director and VP-level roles for big companies while raising young children. She is serious about career advancement while staying true to herself, her values, her family, and her creative interests outside of work. Michele is a truly remarkable woman.

In this interview, Michele gets real about knowing your values and using your priorities as the North Star to make career decisions. She illuminates the path from a technical career to strategic roles in management. And she gets real about the importance of being yourself at work and the risks if you don’t.

After Michele’s interview, you’ll never go back to trying to fit into a perceived “corporate mold,” and you’ll have the recipe to create success while living and working according to your values. Let down your hair by listening to Michele’s interview above.

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