The “Eternal Yes” Shares Top-Notch Career Advice

Time to watch: 31.25 minutes
Michele Chin-Purcell, PhD
VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance
Nalu Medical, Inc.

I affectionately call Michele Chin-Purcell The Eternal Yes! for her willingness to live on the edge in her work and life in ways that has brought her promotions and a sense of purpose in her career. I know her to be someone who schedules crazy hat day for her staff, plays Taiko drums, and also leads important strategic initiatives for life-saving devices.

She bridges technical prowess with stellar management skills. She held director and VP-level roles for big companies while raising young children. She is serious about career advancement while staying true to herself, her values, her family, and her creative interests outside of work. Michele is a truly remarkable woman.

In this interview, Michele gets real about knowing your values and using your priorities as the North Star to make career decisions. She illuminates the path from a technical career to strategic roles in management. And she gets real about the importance of being yourself at work and the risks if you don’t.

After Michele’s interview, you’ll never go back to trying to fit into a perceived “corporate mold,” and you’ll have the recipe to create success while living and working according to your values. Let down your hair by listening to Michele’s interview above.

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