Think You Have to Hide Your Weird Self In a Traditional Corporate Job? Check Out Anitra!

Time to watch: 32:27 minutes
Anitra Mattiussi, B Com
CPA for the Department of Education, Western Australia

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Anitra Mattiuissi is the poster child for Corporate Rebels. She’s as corporate as you get and dares to be herself at the same time. She’s a highly skilled CPA with a stellar career in corporate and government sectors. She’s currently responsible for a 2 billion dollar budget. And, she goes to work with rainbow colored hair.

Anitra takes risks and lives with no regrets. A few years ago, she had everything a professional could want – a great job, friends, a house, volunteer work – and simply because she sensed she wanted more, she sold everything and moved across Australia to start her life again. She says it was like jumping from a plane with no parachute. The result? She says, “I got it all.”

In this interview, Anitra shares surprising strategies for growing your leadership regardless of your official role, gets real about making changes, and lands some of the best advice I’ve heard in a long time for career development and living a full life.

If you want permission to trust yourself or you want to live with no regrets, Anitra’s interview will delight and surprise you.

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