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Hello Rebel Leaders!

Below you'll find the templates, documents, audios and other good stuff for members of the Rebel Leadership Group all in one place!


Group Call Schedule:

November: 2 and 16
December: November 30 and December 14 (schedule brought to you by the holidays)
January 11 and 25
February 1 and 15
March 1, 15 and 29 (March 29 is one of our bonus calls.)
April 12 and 26





The Four Agreements


Intuition Exercises

Here is a list of exercises, questions, and additional information that will give you the ability to bring together your saboteur and your intuition.  The bottom line is that strengthening your intuition will help quiet your saboteurs. Recognizing and listening to your intuition is a muscle you can develop. 


The Saboteur Biography

Homework Assignment from December 14th Call


Single Most Important Thing (SMIT) 

Your SMIT is the one thing that will have the biggest impact when you shift it. 

designed alliance_031116.jpg

Designed Alliance

Use this tool to be conscious about your relationships – personal, work, even in a quick conversation with a friend on the phone. You can use this process before a specific event, to start a project team, before beginning an important conversation, and as a way to be with your differences in a situation. For important situations, you will likely use most or all the questions. In other situations, you might choose to streamline and use only a few. 


Rebel Leadership Call Recordings


Rebel Leadership Bonus Call - April 26th

Rebel Leadership Bonus Call - April 19th

Rebel Leadership Call - April 12th

Rebel Leadership Call - March 29th

Rebel Leadership Call - March 15th

Rebel Leadership Call - March 1st

Rebel Leadership Call - Feb 15th

Rebel Leadership Call - Feb 1st

Rebel Leadership Call - Jan 25th

Rebel Leadership Call - Jan 11th

Rebel Leadership Call - Dec 14th

Rebel Leadership Call - Nov 30th

Rebel Leadership Call - Nov 16th

Rebel Leadership Call - Nov 2nd